Valentine Lottery Tickets

I found the most wonderful, creative way to tell my husband I love him this year for Valentine’s day and I just have to share. I wish I could take all the credit, but I was inspired by this post on the Dating Diva’s website.

In a nutshell, I came up with a scratch-off lottery ticket, one for each day, with a special treat for each day. (Actually, three different ones for each day.) Some days it’s a thing I’ll do for him, some days it’s something I’m buying for him, and other days it’s decadent treats – I’d reveal them to you but since we are only on day 2 of February as I write this, he hasn’t scratched all the days yet and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

First, I printed out the template (I created it over my lunch break (on Feb. 1st) and printed it out on a heavyweight cardstock. Then, when I got home, I filled in all the boxes and covered each with clear packing tape. Then, I mixed up the silver acrylic paint and the dish soap. Gloppy stuff!

I wanted to give these to him as soon as he got home from work. I had about 3 hours to get them completely done – which I did, but they had to dry. I set the wet sheet up in front of a space heater to speed up the process. It took about a half hour for them to dry. I rotated them every 5 minutes or so as to not pucker the plastic tape underneath them with too much heat.

When he got home, I showed him my handiwork and told him we should wait till after dinner for the first lottery love ticket. (I wanted to make sure they were dry) The smile on his face was worth all the work and he seems to love it!

If anyone wants the blank template here’s a link to download it! It is a 3-page PDF


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